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Superman Returns writers talk

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgThere's a mammoth interview with Superman Returns screenwriters Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty who helped write the script for this long awaited screen return, and it gives great insight into the ideas behind the movie, the child, the idea of bringing back Brando, is this a sequel to II or IV, etc, etc. Lot's of things that all the fans have been asking and have been worrying about.

The article over at In Focus Magazine is a great read and well worth a visit. There's a really interesting summary just at the start of the different attempts at creating this movie.

The "Death of Superman" version with giant spiders and Brainiac fighting polar bears, the version with a new costume and no flying ability (and Cage!), Batman vs Superman, and the interstellar war version. All very interesting.

The writers answers on the sequel and the previous Superman movies are quite insightful, with such comments as there are no new superpowers and the biggest revelation of the whole piece...Logan's Run will be next!



This movie took an awful time and work to be made. I don´t know how the results will be (cross fingers), but some europeans who say stupidities about Hollywood should seal their mouths with heated needles. Movies like this are not easy to do, and, excuse me, the work on scripts surpasses, by far, those renowned cheap junk movies with prestige who are presented in most festivals. Usually, it´s extreme simple stories wrapped in plastic.

Woah there...that's an awfully generalising statement about Festivals. If not for Festivals there would be a large number of successful movies that would never have made it out - look at the recent story of The Descent and check its release schedule - loads of festivals.

Sure there's a load of dross and middle of the road films to get through, but there are often loads of good movies to be had. You just have to check out my festival reports from EIFF2005 and DbyD2006 to see how many good movies came out of those.

Speaking of festivals Rich, I have a suggestion for a future feature article, why dont we come up with making a list of highly recommended films that came out from certain film festivals?


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