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Surfer in Fantastic Four 2 confirmed

FantasticFour_Poster.jpgJessica Alba today revealed in an interview that the Silver Surfer is most definitely in Fantastic Four 2, along with an unnamed other villain.

The interview is over at USA Today through Coming Soon and I have to say it's the most vaccuous interview I've seen "What cocktail helps you stay cool? Are you a fan of spray-on tans?"...that kind of thing.

However she does give out some interesting information:

We start Fantastic Four 2 in August. The four of us learn that there are other people out there with superpowers, and the Silver Surfer appears as a villain/hero. And another villain comes in as well. My character, Susan Storm, has another love triangle and may use a power people haven't seen before. She's the most powerful of the four.

Silver Surfer is confirmed, and there's another one in there...Dr Doom returns? I don't think so, it'll be someone else knew...so who? Surely not Galactus already? I am dying to see Surfer onscreen, how will he look? Can they carry it off? How long before he gets his own movie?



"Surely not Galactus already?"

What sense would there be in having the Surfer without Galactus?

Why should he be there?

First up you have budget and scale. If Galactus appears then suddenly FF2 is a huge movie, and there's certainly no hints at that and the previous returns do not warrant the budget spend this time.

Next up, Surfer is a herald, or rather he's a scout. I am presuming that he will be full Surfer and we won't be seeing an origin side story for him. So he'll arrive before Galactus as he checks out the planet.

I just can't see them leaping into this story with it's massive scale already. Silver Surfer will probably be a portent for the story to come in FF3 if FF2 raises the cash.

Nah, there's plenty of good FF stories to tell without stretching the coming of Galactus over two movies.

Why we've got The Submariner, The Inhumans, The Black Panther, Annihilus, The Mole Man, The Super Skrull, The Pyscho Man, The Puppet Master, The Impossible Man...

Having no idea what you two comic geeks are talking about, I have a question for Morbius, among the ones you have just mentioned, who would you prefer then?

I hope they can pull the Silver Surfer off. PLEASE GOD don't let him look campy. I can definitely see where Richard is coming from though. I haven't seen F4 but from almost everything I've heard, it was reasonably ok but definitely far from great.

According to Box Office Mojo, Fantasic 4our made a profit of around $230m which is HUGE. But considering the rather negative buzz around it, I'm not sure they can rely on such a large turnover again.

So do Fox go balls-out and throw in Galactus, thus making this a "huge movie", or do they try to make a decent flick that will pull in interest, money and decent acclaim so that they may have the confidence to make part 3 with Galactus and a potential huge budget? I dunno, tough call...

Okay, I stand corrected...forget what I said about money that is more than enough to do a big movie.

However is it the right time to up the scale to that degree for the second movie? Considering the Hollywood love of the trilogy what could the possibly do in the third film to be bigger and better than a Galactus story?

Even with the trilogy I still think X-Men: The Last Stand was a huge leap to make and it bypassed at least one other franchise movie. Could they afford to go even bigger on FF2 and recover?

Why wouldn't alba sign on...look at her mtv movie nominations she got from it...

I posted about that early this morning.


Simone, either the Sub-Mariner or The Inhumnans would be cool. As would Galactus and The Silver Surfer of course.

Of course all this is said hoping for the the rather unlikely expectation that they would be done right.

I meant to say "Inhumans" of course.

White PS3 is as special as you are. Maybe more special...


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