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Swayze for Guys and Dolls?

PatrickSwayze.jpgIt struck me when I was reading this news that Patrick Swayze could be ideal for the film version of Guys and Dolls. However would there be room for him in the already rumoured crowded casting?

We have Vin Diesel and Hugh Jackman being tied to the project. However IMDB have the news that Swayze has just signed to play Nathan Detroit (the Frank Sinatra
role in the first film musical) alongside Ewan McGregor (taking the Marlon Brando role).

Correction: Thanks Simone, I have only had a few hours sleep and messed up a little on that post - McGregor was last year, so he won't be alonside Swayze!

Now that's an interesting mix. Perhaps Diesel and Jackman could pull it off, or could we see someone from this stage version appear alongside? Who would you prefer? I'd love to see Swayze take up a strong musical part like this.



"I feel his breath on my face, his body close to me, can't look in his eyes, he's out of my league..."

Ahh Patrick Swayze, would love to see him anywhere again.

Diesel would be so much more enjoyable to watch, Diesel deserves this role. He's been after it for a long time now. There's no way I would watch anyone else in his place.

Anytime Rich! ;-)

As I have not seen "Guys and Dolls" on stage, I just might do so and check on Swayze's performance.


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