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Tarantino and Rodriguez talk Grind House

QuentinTarantino.jpgQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have been talking about Grind House and have given away a little information about what each segment will be.

From Entertainment Weekly through Coming Soon:

TARANTINO: Our original idea was to do a horror double feature. The genre I wanted to tackle was slasher films, because I'm a big fan of late-'70s, early-'80s slasher films. The only thing was, what makes them so good is the genre is so rigid. And I had an idea about a guy who kills girls with his car as opposed to a machete, and I put it in a slasher-film structure. Other than the big car moments, though, my thing could be a Eugene O'Neill play. These girls just talk and talk and talk. If it wasn't for the car stuff, I could do my thing on stage...It's called Death Proof. I'm casting right now; more than likely the killer will be Mickey Rourke.

RODRIGUEZ: Mine's a zombie movie called Planet Terror. It feels like a John Carpenter movie that took place between Escape From New York and The Thing. I wanted to do a zombie script a while back because there hadn't been any good zombie movies in a while. I got about 30 pages into it, and then all these zombie movies came out. So I thought, Well, I don't have to make them zombies — there could be other reasons why they're like this. They're infected people.

The entire interview is over at EW and makes for some interesting background reading. However neither story really does get me excited, a car killing slasher and a zombie planet? Well Rodriguez's story does sound a little more interesting than Tarantino's, but not by much...and Rourke as the slasher? Perhaps that's the most interesting part.



I'm still excited at the thought of this project. It's quirky, innovative and a welcome change from bog standard movies. And yes, Mickey Rourke is the most interesting part!


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