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Tenacious D pictures

JackBlack.jpgPictures are now online for the Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny'Tenacious D movie.

The pictures are over at Cinema Blend and you can see them over at their gallery.

They guys over there are excited about the movie, I'm somewhat different in that way because I haven't really heard these guys singing apart from catching the tail end of something called The Greatest Song Ever Written (I think it was), and that was quite funny. Any 'D' fans out there? What would you recommend to become versed in their works, and is this movie really going to hold up on their music and Black's personality?



Oh I love that track too, and its the only one I am familiar with really.

Jack Black is the man, I truly respect that guy.

Well, Rich, let me chime in here. I am a pretty big T.D fan and I can assure you that this will be simply fun.

The album is good, with songs like "With Karate I'll kick your ass", "Kellbassa", "Wonderboy" and of course "The greatest song in the world (a tribute)" you'll not only enjoy the songs, you'll laugh as well.

There is a T.D special out there which aired on HBO a few years back. These specials are not masterpieces of film in any way, more like two buds goofing off in front of the camera. I would figure a movie would be very similar.

J.B and K.G have a very close friendship, and I think it says a lot for J.B that even with all of his success, he still finds the time to do fun projects with his bud.

That alone will make this more enjoyable, knowing the background of these guys.


I saw the D in the Olympia theatre a while back with Spidey1703 and dare I say it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to, acoustic or not!

Their album is a must and my favourite moment on the whole record is when they just insert a short backwards ala Sabbath/Zepp blurb which is completely illegible.

Of course being the determined sound engineer I am, I though I was putting my college eductation to good use when I recorded the clip into Sound Forge and reversed it only to hear "Donkey Crap!"

Absolute legend, they knew someone would get a kick out of that!

The HBO series is available on DVD "Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks"


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