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The Guardian trailer online

KevinCostner.jpgKevin Costner may actually be appearing in a decent role again, according to this trailer from his latest film The Guardian, also starring Ashton Kutcher.

In the film he plays a rescue swimmer whose team was lost in a rescue attempt, since he's now a deeply affected man, he's taken to training others in rescuing. Then along comes a "troubled man" and he takes him under his wing...the trailer says it all, and perhaps too much, but to me it does have the standard Costner role mark plastered all over it and layers of Hollywood cheese and standard plot fare. I reckon, like Martha, it's a tick the box film with performances and roles to match.

See what you think, I might be wrong of course! The trailer is over at Yahoo Movies [QT:S:M:L:FS] through Cinematical.



I watched the trailer even though I'm not a fan of Costner or Kutcher just to see if maybe it might spark an interest. No, not even a smidge. This one will get dusty on the video store shelf.

It didnt appeal to me at all.

Costner looks tired!


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