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The Lake House reviews

TheLakeHouse.jpgThe Lake House marks the return of the Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves partnership, and although it's another remake of a strong Asian movie which might not make it across the translation, the first reviews are coming out and as of now they are fifty-fifty.

Over at Rotten Tomatoes they have seriously mixed reviews. The most interesting is the Ebert and Roeper praise.

"It’s sweet, and it works." - Roger Ebert "This is one of my favorite movies so far this year." - Richard Roeper

Variety and Hollywood Reporter are less than positive about it. Personally I don't hold a lot of faith in critics such as any of those listed, and I'll be waiting for the smaller comments to appear, still the two R's give me a lot of hope. Perhaps this is a really strong remake, and the two actors do have a great on screen charisma. I'm holding out hope, let's see how that scoring travels...up or down? Place your bets...



Since hearing that these two would be teaming up again, I've maintained a keen interest in 'The Lake House', and the trailer I've seen looks promising. Keanu's acting tends to be a bit hit & miss I think, but going by the great chemistry they had together in 'Speed', I hope they can pull it off again in this one...

Time to fall in love again with films like these. Youre right Jayne, I think they look very good together too. *swoons*

Just came back from watching it and I LOVED IT! *swoons*

They still look good together onscreen.

I knew you'd like it Simone :-) It's a well known fact that Keanu isn't the world's greatest actor, but he did quite well I thought, but Sandra was especially good.

AHHHHHH Jayne, there you are!

Its awkward because I think I was the only single person in the cinema all of them came with their boyfriends, was feeling a bit left out.

Anyway, I thought the space-time continuum thingy was done quite well, for a while it felt like a Back to the Future rom-com.


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