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The Last Kiss trailer online

ZachBraff.jpgPreviously on Filmstalker, I had the story about Zach Braff's new website hosting The Last Kiss teaser, well now the full trailer is on the Internet for you to try and see.

I say try because the AOL hosted trailer via Cinema Blend started freezing picture wise and continuing to play the audio...I tried eight times before getting angry. However up until that point it looked very watchable, and I'm keen to see more about this film. See what you think.



Would really like to see the original first. I am trying to do the same with The Lake House.

Do we have a UK release date for this one?

6th October. Adding to Watch List now...

Just seen it, and there's nothing really special about it. I must say I am warming up to Zach Braff since I saw him last in Garden State.


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