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The Wicker Man trailer online

TheWickerMan.jpgThe trailer for the new The Wicker Man film is online now, and it's very unexciting. It actually looks much like the Omen trailer did in structure and style, although obviously the content is different.

I managed to catch a scene near the end where we see Nicolas Cage's character being confronted by his ridiculous allergy to bees. I don't mean that allergy is ridiculous but when you've seen the original and know the reason the main characters story progresses the way it does, substituting this for a bee allergy is stupid beyond belief.

Also is it just me or is Cage's hair just too dark? Too much Just for Men...

You can see the trailer over at Apple trailers [QT:M:HD:iPod]. See what you think and come back with comments, also make sure to say if you've seen the original or not.



LOL I couldnt stop laughing about the too dark hair comment!

As I havent seen the original I really couldnt say much, but I thought the trailer was, ehr, amusing? Is it supposed to be scary?


What the hell.

How to take a cult film and turn it into a turkey. Looks like they've taken a really creepy and unsettling film and turned it into the usual Hollywood horror cheese.

I have to say I was more concerned by Nicholas Cage in a Highway policemans uniform than with his hair. He looks like he should be in The Village People.

HAHAHAHAHA Louise, The Village People are so kewl!!!

does Nicholas get killed off and how?

Really worried that Nicholas will get killed off.
I think his a great actor but gets killed off to often.

Ach, we're not going to tell you if he does or not, that would be a spoiler!

Thanks for that mate!
I have really bad O.C.D and its driving me mad not knowing. As I am under 15yrs I can not wait another year, please give me the answer.

Hi Simon, Simone here. ;)


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