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Thurman in school shooting

UmaThurman.jpgUma Thurman is set to star in a movie adapted from the book The Life Before Her Eyes by Laura Kasischke, which tells the tale of a woman who survives a school shooting.

The way I just wrote that makes it sound like it's extremely common, an off-hand comment almost, and it seems that way in the movies too as it comes hot on the heels of the three day old announcement of another school shooting novel adaptation.

From Variety through Coming Soon:

The thriller revolves about a woman whose idyllic life crumbles when she survives a shooting spree at a school.

Vadim Perelman is directing, the man responsible for the wonderful movie The House of Sand and Fog.

Actually this looks like a good project, and seeing Thurman in an emotionally strong role and directed by Perelman, it all sounds like it will make for a great movie.

Interestingly Perelman has two other works on his slate right now, one very interesting tale called The Giver starring Jeff Bridges about a perfect community without pain, war, suffering, differences or choice, where a young boy is chosen to learn from an elder about the real world and its pain and pleasure.



There you go Rich, Uma's not doing another rom-com for a change.


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