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Tom Clancy films canned

AlecBaldwin.jpgTwo Tom Clancy films in development, Without Remorse and Rainbow Six have both been canned by Paramount. Well, when I say canned they say "in turnaround", pretty much the same thing really.

According to Dark Horizons through Moviehole they've dumped both films and are looking back to the Jack Ryan films...why, I have no idea...frankly I think they're idiots.

"Paramount allowed two big-budget Tom Clancy projects to slip away when it put "Without Remorse," which had John Singleton on board to direct, and "Rainbow Six" into turnaround", says the trade.

"Without Remorse" was set to star Joaquin Phoenix as John Clark.

Not only that but Rainbow Six was being produced by John Woo and directed by Zack Snyder (the soon to be Watchmen director), and I frankly had some high hopes for that story, it would have been a great film to see.

So now the word is that they're looking to kick off the Ryan series again, and I have no idea why. Drop two new Clancy films for the sequels to the old...ah, I've just got it, that word sequel. Right now the word is that they're looking for a younger Ryan, Baldwin and Ford being too old, as well as Ford being rubbish and Affleck being an absolute disaster. Who would you cast as Ryan? For me Baldwin was Ryan and no one else has come close.



Can anyone recall why Baldwin left the role after just one movie?

I thought Ben Affleck did a good Jack Ryan in The Sum of All Fears.

Well there's good job and there's great job, Baldwin did a great job and I think the rest just carried the role.

Morbius, I have no idea...you've got my interest and I'm going to go and try to find out!

So what was the problem with Ford as Ryan?

Anyway I loved Baldwin as The Shadow.

Ach, he was the same bumbling and stumbling Ford as always...He's only ever been good in a few movies and that wasn't one of them.

Actually I like the Shadow too, I think that superhero is damn cool.

Thats great Rich, I have always wanted to ask you about the Shadow, now I kmow! ;-)


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