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Transformers Teaser really does tease

Transformers.jpgThe Transformers teaser is here, and it's small...and is the ultimate definition of teaser...in fact it's more like a pre-teaser.

You can see the teaser through Michael Bay's official blog. He carries two links to the trailer, one and two. Both are zipped and are quite big.

Worth it do you think? Does this really get your excitement hyped up and tease your Transformer desire? Frankly it didn't for me. Sure it's getting the idea out there, but it didn't raise my excitement that much and I wasn't starting to get overly excited. The transforming titles at the end look a bit clunky, but the mars lander shots do look quite interesting...despite the blue sky!

What do you think, am I in the minority, did the teaser by itself build up your excitement levels?



Teased me a li'l bit.

Not in the slightest. I thought it was quite poor. Given that they started production about a month ago, this was WAY too soon to have a teaser. I know they want to generate buzz with this attached to probably Pirates of the Caribbean but make it interesting! I know, I know... Spider-Man 3 isn't out for almost another year but they've been in production now for months! They even shot some scenes last September!!!

I think it's poor organisation as regards Transformers. Surely they could have had maybe one split-second shot of Optimus Prime to REALLY generate some excitement.... but this just fell flat for me.

The whole transformation did look really clunky, and the blue sky on Mars is unforgivable!

Well said Spidey. I just missed the huge build up and payoff. I'm sure there's more to come, but it is a poor start.

This did not merit a bloody countdown

Not only that but the countdown was 5 days off. Apparently it got leaked on youTube, and Paramount didn't even bother trying to fight it because by then it had spread like wild-fire around the net. So props to them for just putting up the high quality version, but it was such a let down.


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