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Transformers teaser scored

Transformers.jpgIt's hardly a huge piece of news, but the teaser trailer for the Transformers movie has been scored by Steve Jablonsky who is signed to score the whole movie, and has previously worked on other Michael Bay titles and has some strong composer and additional music credits to his name.

What does all this mean to you? Not much, it's marketing you see. However, it is telling us that if a teaser is scored, then it's not far off being released. Scoring a piece of film means it has to be in a complete, or nearly complete state, because the composer is working off what he, and the audience, are seeing, so if that changes so could the music. Chances are we could be seeing a teaser in the next few weeks.



If you go to the official Transformers movie website there is a countdown currently running at 17 days.

My guess is the teaser trailer going live online on July 5, then being attached to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on July 7.

Enter Megatron!!!

I dount the movie will be good, but at least the comics will be reedited because of the movie. And, at least, it will be entertaining.

And Michael Bay can rock or suck, or both things.

I'm looking forward to seeing this trailer for another reason - this being that I know relatively nothing about 'Transformers' (I know - criminal!) but being very aware of the intense hype surrounding the movie and the wave of excitement it has generated, I'm eager to see if it will be 'one for the fans' or will capture a new audience and make fans of those who missed out first time round.

If I had my guy friends living nearby, I will prolly go and see this with them!


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