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UK Chinese Film Festival announced

There's going to be a new festival next year concentrating on Chinese cinema. Originally showing in Edinburgh it will begin touring the country shortly after. Featuring over twenty five movies from a period of modern day right back to the conception of the Chinese film industry, this festival promises much.

Cinema China 07 reports the details, found through KFCC:

Cinema China is envisioned as a retrospective of Chinese films from the earliest times until most recent. We aim at showing 25-30 films over the period of two weeks in early 2007, in the Filmhouse cinema in Edinburgh. It will then tour the whole of the United Kingdom – in cities like London, Manchester, Cambridge, Belfast, Cardiff, Inverness, etc. The Festival will be accompanied by special events involving Chinese film-makers, actors and producers. Every film will be introduced by the Festival artistic directors (Dorota Ostrowska and Mark Cousins). Silent films will be accompanied with live accompaniment. In some cases original pieces of music will be presented (courtesy of In2national Tea/ Music, Scottish Arts Council).

Now I'm really intrigued by the idea of silent movies with live accompaniment, when was the last time that we saw something like that? More to the point I've never seen that!

Personally I'm interested in the more modern movies, but I'll still be keen to check some of the films out. Since I'm in Edinburgh anyway it's an ideal opportunity. More information as Dorota and Mark release it...



Since its going to London, I might as well stay here. ;-)


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