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UK production company turns digital

Cameo-Screen1.jpgThe UK is gaining a new Film production company, one that intends to distribute ten films in the next three years and all through the revolution of digital filmmaking.

The article from The Guardian tells all about the company...

...according to its managing director, Arvind David...

"Digital production techniques enable small, flexible multi-tasking production crews to lower production costs, and the end result looks like you've spent more money on it rather than less."

Slingshot's business model is based on producing low-budget films - up to US$1m (£550,000) - with cast and crew paid a flat-rate fee plus a share of gross revenues.

They are banking on a huge move to digital cinema, so they can make the film on digital equipment and then digitally distribute it to digital cinema's.

...according to a report last month by Screen Digest, rapid growth is expected, with the number of digital cinema screens worldwide rising from 849 in 2005 to 17,000 by 2010.

The UK Film Council, which is mid-way through a £12m National Lottery-funded project to convert 250 cinema screens to digital projection by spring 2007.

So the move is there across the country, but are there going to be enough digital cinemas to support a decent release? Do you, the audience, want to see these smaller movies, or do you want big blockbusters with huge digitial effects? Story or size?



... If they are intending to charge the same price for low budget digital movies then I am out. These are films that don't really need to be seen on a cinema screen so why would I pay all that money to do so.

I like lower budget interesting film and will happily rent this stuff if it's good, but really for the big screen I want films that really take advantage of that format.

Tremendously challenging appreciate it, I reckon your audience could possibly want even more information of this nature maintain the excellent hard work.


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