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Uwe Boll sues distributer of BloodRayne

UweBoll.jpgUwe Boll and his production company are about to sue the distributer of Bloodrayne after the extremely poor run it received in the US. The claims are quite harsh and seem to appear quite valid pathetic box office returns or not.

From Empire comes the news:

Seems that while Dr Boll was finishing up the Kristanna Loken-starring film in 2005, Zane – who also stars in the movie – suggested that he sell the US distribution rights to Romar. The suit charges that Romar breached the agreement they reached to open the film in at least 2,000 cinemas across the States, failed to pay Boll and co their share of the gross proceeds (probably about $100, given the box office, but that’s beside the point) and never using the $10 million the production company provided for advertising.

Oh dear, a missing US $10 million that was supposed to be for advertising? That's a bit more serious than just some sour grapes on Boll's part, and what is Zane got to do with all this, is he being sued because he suggested it? Seems as though there's more to this story which is yet to out.



'twill be interresting to see if the online collective known as "fanboy inc" gives Uwe fair shake as a business man.

bad film or not, if he lost both royalties ( 100 bucks or ten thousand, it matters not ) OR never got the advertising he paid for ( which can truely break a movie ) he deserves to win his day in court....

...I predict the voice we'll hear from the online community at large will be something like "let Uwe sink...he sucks and can't make a decent movie"....

...in this case, his questionable motives and abilities as a film maker matter not. the law is the law.

and what countries' law would apply here? Germany or the U.S.?

That's a good point mogulus. I would suggest that if the events occured in the US then the case would be there, but if the case is being raised by Boll's company and they are registered in Germany, then they could raise it in German courts.

I'm not sure about that one...

Interesting to see what the fan base do make out of this one though...I think it will be skipped for other news.


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