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Wardogs featuring ensemble action cast

Book.jpgThe script for Wardogs has been picked up by Regency, but why is that interesting news I hear you ask? Well this script backs the idea of bringing together an ensemble cast of action heroes from the eighties and nineties and putting them in one movie.

The Wardogs story, according to The Hollywood Reporter...

...centers around four retired Vietnam vets who get called back into action when their former leader goes missing in Turkey.

[Adam] Grossman and [Andrew] Lazar developed the script together, hatching it after talking about the idea of putting their favorite action stars of the 1980s and '90s in one film. Lazar performed a similar trick with 2000's "Space Cowboys," which united Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner as aging astronauts. The aim with "Wardogs" would be to bring an ensemble star cast to a contemporary action setting.

Wow, that sounds superb. Remember Quentin Tarantino was touting the idea of getting a similar casting together for Inglorious Bastards some time ago, but it just never came off. Could this be the title to pull them all back together?

Imagine it for a moment, Stallone comes from his last sequel for Rambo and Willis from his last Die Hard, getting together for one last time. Changes are that we won't see Arnie for politics, but just imagine it for a moment...who else could get packed into that cast?



They'd just have to get most of Arnie's supporting cast from Predator (I.m thinking Bill Duke and the Indian guy) and of course, there's Van Damme. Then you have to start considering people like Chuck Norris and Dolf Lundgren. The list goes on.

This film has so much potential, it makes me want to cry. Sob.


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