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Wicker Man poster

TheWickerMan_Poster.jpgThe poster for the new Wicker Man movie has arrived, and if you know the original it pretty much tells the story, along with that typical Hollywood revelation tag line.

Also if you check out the full size over at Jo Blo you can see the backdrop of Cage's face are bees. Ooh yes, bees are the hook of this movie.

I'm sorry but I just can't get positive about this film, everything I've heard and seen just makes it look like an extremely poor copy of a cult classic which is already an excellent movie. Why bother? Can someone seriously think of a positive aspect of this remake over the original?



It'll make the original look even better?

I was excited to see it but as you point out, I so love the original.

I can't really see what this can add to it other than more sophisticated movie making techniques.

Still, I hope it's good.

Well if you need a positive aspect of the film, director Neil LaBute makes some pretty fine films (In the Company of Men, Your Friends & Neighbors, Nurse Betty).

But I agree, everything thus far looks shite. Overblown, obvious shite.

I hold the original dear to my heart, and am dreading how badly this looks to be treated.

They give everything away in a trailer and now they do the same with a poster? Who are they paying to do this stuff?


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