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Wimmer and Jovovich unhappy with Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet_Poster.jpgWith exceptional timing, I'm just about to write up my review of Ultraviolet, and here comes a report of how the Director and Star were locked out of the edit room against prior word and agreement, and have now spoken out against the film that was finally shown.

From Milla Jovovich through CHUD comes the non too surprising news (if you've seen it)...

..."All I can tell you is that I was completely locked from the editing room,” she told me. “I was promised that I wouldn’t be. On both Resident Evils I had a lot of input into it way before they were finished. With Ultraviolet I was very depressed because he was a real cad in the sense that he reneged on his promises and wouldn’t allow me to see my performances. Listen, I don’t want to step on your feet but there are certain things that I did that I would remember, like on take 3 there’s just a little movement of my eye that’s cool in close-up, or whatever. It’s just unfortunate because that’s a perfect example of a movie that I spent a year of my life preparing for and then once you see it you’re like...OK...On to the next!"

So those were her words directly to CHUD, and interestingly the story broke some time ago about Kurt Wimmer alleging he too was shut out of the editing room. I'm wondering who Jovovich is referring to when she says "he" repeatedly, because if Wimmer was not in that room...

If you see the film, or choose not to and just read the coming review, then you'll know that there are serious issues with it. There are some amazing cool moments, but they are just scenes, and it does feel like the exposition is puched up front to allow all these cool action sequences to come through, then it's hastily dumped. More in the review. I can though, totally understand her frustration, and I'm glad she feels it too.



You know, if you go in looking for a B-Film (where Wimmer certainly plays, even with Equlibrium, which is better than UV) specializing in style over substance, Ultraviolet is an amusing ride.

My review is up on Twitchfilm.net


I think I'm in the minority on this one.

Well Kurt, I'll have to get writing on the review. Considering a movie a B movie before you go in would let every bad movie off the hook really, I found it incredibly disjointed and badly edited (I now know why). The story was shot to pieces, and the final fight scene was awful to try and watch,

I'll get the review up this week.

Aren't nearly all big Special Effects films B-Films now-adays? UV distills the genre down to the barest of essentials, jettisoning plot, character development, and quite often narrative integrity.

I'm not defending the 'greatness' of the film, but it is better than a lot of the junk out there.

If there was a Wimmer Directors cut (which is not on the current DVD release in North America) floating around out there, I'd love to see it.

Same here Triflic. It would be...oh dear...Triffic!

Seriously I would like to see it recut because I do believe there's a better movie in there.


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