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Wolverine top franchise character

HughJackman.jpgIn one of the more silly lists, Wolverine has been shown as the top fictional power player, or in plain speak he's the leading franchise character. That, in Hollywood, equates to hard cash.

From Entertainment Weekly comes the news that he beat other characters such as Harry Potter, Spider-Man, etc.

The magazine lists the top 10 franchise characters in its new issue, on newsstands Monday. Wolverine beat out Harry Potter, Spider-Man and Bart Simpson, among others.

"Wolverine is our pick for Hollywood's top character based on a devoted, built-in audience and early excitement over his planned solo flick, which could be out as soon as 2008," writes Tim Stack.

Here's the full list:

Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Shrek, Robert Langdon (the main character of "The Da Vinci Code"), Jason Bourne ("The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy"), James Bond, Jigsaw (the villain of the "Saw" horror films), Bart Simpson and Madea (Tyler Perry's trash-talking grandmother).

Oh...okay. Frankly I think that list is a bit of a joke, Bart being in there and Langdon so high? Mind you I do agree that Spider-Man should be in there, but isn't Wolverine riding on the X-Men coat tails for this list?



Again another useless list, maybe Richard you can come up with Filmstalker's own list?


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