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Woody Allen's Scoop teaser

WoodyAllen.jpgOnline now is a short glimpse of Scoop, Woody Allen's latest movie starring Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson, two incredibly sexy actors...and good actors too!

The promo clip over at access hollywood through Jo Blo, and frankly I'm disappointed.

It's straight back to the Allen style that I don't like. The reason I loved Match Point (review) was because it was a great thriller, didn't have Allen in it, and had no flat falling, self obsessing comedy in it. Looks like he's returned to his previous style that just has me looking at the screen and wondering where the humour is. To be frank the only time I've laughed at his work is in Antz, and that was because it was a parody of himself.

I'm not one for this at all, although looking at the big names might be nice (Jackman minus shirt equals happy ladies...and some men), it won't hold me to the screen.



Didn't do a lot for me either. Unfortunately I haven't got around to seeing Match Point just yet, but I will because I LOVE Scarlett Johansson. I even managed to have a big broad smile after The Island because of her. Pity about them glasses Allen has put on her in Scoop, they do nothing for her.

Woody Allen was great until mid 90s, now he´s decadent. I respect him as a filmmaker, but he should reconsider about making a movie each year. On the other hand, his philosophy of cinema is exactly the opposite of mine. To me, a movie is mainly pictures, to him, it´s mainly words. Learn from Kubrick, Mr. Allen: he did only 13 movies before dying, but what a group of movies!!!

Oh brother!


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