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Writer and Director for Watchmen

Watchmen.jpgMore news on the epic journey of Watchmen to the big screen. This amazing comic and now graphic novel is a superb read and has threatened to turn to our screens for years. Now it seems that Alex Tse is attached to write the script for Zack Snyder to direct.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through SuperHero Hype.

It'll now be even more interesting to see how 300 fares in the cinema now, that will show us what to expect from Watchmen. 300 was filmed all on set using a mix of props and green screen, so it's perfect for what the Watchmen story will demand. It's all down to how the story makes it through.

Previous projects from Tse are...well...writing wise it's Sucker Free City for television...oh dear...is that right?

Is this going to mark the first completed run of Watchmen, or are we going to see this one falter as well, and what of Tse? Does this mark a poor start for the film treatment?



The more news I hear from this, the more disturbing. Alex Tse and Zack Snyder (Shaun of the Dead)? OMG.

What about that remote Terry Gilliam project. If it has to be a sure failure, that should be the one, with class.

Anyway, the comics are precise as a scalpel. Gilliam is a dreamer. If a movie has to be made, it needs a practical and brillian mind. Like Alex Tse, let´s say... LOL


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