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W.S. Anderson talks videogames

PaulWSAnderson.jpgPaul W.S. Anderson has spoken out against his critics and talked about the difficulties in bringing a videogame to the big screen, apparently it's really hard.

Eurogamer have his comments from the Hollywood and Games Summit.

"If you stray too far from the source material you're doomed, but if you stay entirely true, you're equally doomed."...Take Mortal Kombat, Anderson explained: "If it was to be a successful movie, it had to be PG-13 or the kids who actually played the game could not come and see it. Or worse, they would buy a ticket for another movie and sneak in."...

...So how do you make a good game movie? Well, "Sometimes you have to break the rules," Anderson reckons, "But in order to break the rules, you have to learn them.

"You have to develop a true love of the IP. You have to love it as much, or even more, than its most hardcore fan base.

Well you have to agree with him, and the news recently that he spent a lot of time playing Resident Evil before thinking about the film was indeed good news, and for what it's worth I thought it was a not bad film. He's also got the balls to admit that some game movies aren't that good...

"I believe that some games weren't meant to be movies," Anderson concluded..."Movies about plumbers are a genre that has passed us by."

Wise words. So here's to Castlevania Mr Anderson, a great choice which definitely does deserve to be a movie...does it?




Hi There.
I just need to make something clear to Mr Paul W.S Anderson,
Mr Anderson you just made the Dead or Alive movie and the people who like the games that much are not very happy with the movie version,
you need to slove the work out on the film and when you make the sequel try get some good casting directors for the movie and try make the story good to the games,
Corey yuen should paly the game first before he started to direct the movie.
Well never mind if the movie is not good then well see how the sequel works out propely.
I'm in love with Holly Valance.
Thank You.


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