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Zeta-Jones in Gypsy musical

CatherineZetaJones.jpgRumours are that Catherine Zeta-Jones is to return to the success of Chicago with another on screen musical, Gypsy and again directed by Rob Marshall.

The rumour is from NY Post through Coming Soon:

Now the rumor is out and hot that the Weinstein Company is close on the heels of director Rob Marshall for a movie version of the show about the evolution of that famous stripper - Gypsy Rose Lee - and her infamous stage mother, Rose. This incredible "best damn show I've seen in years!" (courtesy of New York Times critic Walter Kerr)

I don't see anything but positive comments for this choice, it's an acclaimed musical on stage and the team behind it are strong, with the director and lead already proving themselves on Chicago, what could be wrong with the choice? Zeta-Jones can sing, she can act, and she looks gorgeous. Why wouldn't you want to see it?



But wont this be another remake? Wasnt there a Gypsy film starring Natalie Wood in the 60's? I havent seen it in full but I know my relatives have. I am familiar with some of the songs from the musical, mostly Bernadette Peters' version.

But I dont mind Catherine Zeta Jones, she is a real showcase of talent.

In agreement with Richard on this one - I loved Chicago (the choreography was amazing) and I'll admit I had my doubts about Catherine Zeta-Jones in a musical role doing her own singing, but she really blew me away with her performance. And with Rob Marshall directing again, surely it's a winner...

Yeah, I believe there are two previous related movies, both not so hot.

"Both not so hot".

Enough reason to make a new one then! ;-) Cute Rich, very cute.


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