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Zhang in live action Mulan

ZhangZiyi.jpgZiyi Zhang is in final talks for a three film deal with the Weinstein brothers, the first movie she'll be starring in is the live action version of Disney's Mulan. Second on the slate is the remake of the classic The Seven Samurai...unbelievably it seems to be going ahead.

Variety through Coming Soon have the news that seems to legitimise the earlier rumours of the remake of one of the most influencial films of our time...that's not Mulan by the way! The news on the Mulan remake is much less galling.

The movie is written by Wang Hui-ling (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and forthcoming John Woo project The Battle of Red Cliff). It draws on a Chinese folk tale of a female resistance fighter who disguises herself as her father to take his place in battle.

Disney made Mulan into an animated movie in 1998, but the tale was first put on the big screen in a 1956 Chinese production. The new Chinese-language film's budget is pegged at $20 million, with production scheduled for February.

Looks like she's perfect for this role, and a three picture deal with the Weinsteins would be a great move. The most worrying part of this story though is the news that there is going to be a Seven Samurai remake!



I havent seen the animated Mulan film, so I might be interested to see her live version.

Simone - you should watch the Disney cartoon, it's a lot of fun, I think you would like it. Make sure you don't watch the sequel Disney did what a waste of time!

To note on this possible movie, I'd be up for it!

{{{MELIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!}}} How are ya girl?

I usually watch all of Disney's animated films as soon as its released, but when this came out, I think I just left for the UK and missed it altogether. I heard that the music was good, Lea Salonga, who did the singing voice for Mulan is from the Philippines. Plot-wise I can see Zhang Ziyi pulling this off easily.


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