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Zombie directing Halloween?

Halloween.jpgRumours are rife that Rob Zombie is set to direct the next movie in the Halloween franchise.

The reports, the first one I saw being over at Fangoria through Cinematical, are spreading across the Interweb and seem to be meeting positive approval.

If you think about the style then Zombie is a great choice for the direction of the franchise. He might spring some life into a series that has perhaps revisited the same ground all too often. Is he a good choice? Is there someone better to take the series forward?



Can't say I'm all that excited about them re-making Halloween, but if they're going to do then I feel Rob is a good choice.

Whether your a fan of his or not, you can count on him not to update it into a piece of PG-13 fluff.

As a huge fan of Zombie I hope this movie goes well. I've enjoyed his other two movies, especially Devil's Rejects.

I definitely feel that when walking into the theater to see this movie I'll have to come in with a different frame of mind because I love the original so much.


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