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Zombie talks Halloween

Halloween.jpgRob Zombie has been talking about his upcoming Halloween project. Apparently it's not a remake or sequel, so it's a project.

In a recent interview covered on HalloweenMovies.com through Cinematical they confirm that Zombie is doing more than simply remaking the original and that it will be called Halloween.

I am basically making a prequel and a semi-remake of the first film all in one. So really in theory there will be more original content than remake content. That's why I don't like the word "remake."...I'm not touching one single frame of Carpenter's classic. That film will remain as it always has.

He goes on to say that the film kicks off in 1978 and will explore the early life of Myers, exploring more on character, mood and terror. He also says that, despite not touching the frames of the Carpenter movie, he will be using characters and score from that fantastic film.

I hope that he does a far better job than The Devil's Rejects which I saw recently and was quite disappointed with. Hopefully he'll find better direction for this movie. Is Zombie + Halloween a good equation?



My wife and I were just talking today about watching the "so bad it's not even good, which makes it good" devils' rejects and house of 1000 corpses....

....halloween was always creepier than friday 13th and Elm Street combined...why?

Because Mike Meyers isn't a demon or a spirit...there's no reason why he should keep going after what he's been through...he just DOES...

man, that fact freaks me out soooo much.
I seriously hope he doesnt' show us Mikey without the mask and knife TOO much...i think the coolest thing about him is that silent, evil stare of the mask.

is it true the mask is a bleached and melted William Shatner mask? I heard that a long time ago and always wondered about it.

Yeah I've heard that very same thing, perhaps someone can confirm...


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