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Zoom trailer online

TimAllen.jpgWell as trailers go, this one for the Tim Allen comedy film Zoom isn't so bad, and the storyline looks quite good. One for the kids I think.

Zoom is the tale of a former superhero called Captain Zoom (Allen) who has to return to his old job to train some new superhero kids in how to fight against an impending threat against the planet.

There are a few big names in the film too, Chevy Chase, Courteney Cox and Rip Torn, but is this all enough to make it a good movie?

Have a look at the trailer over at Hollywood.com [WMV:QT:RP] through Superhero Hype and see what you think.



It looks very cute - I see my daughter asking to go see it the moment she views the tailer. She loves these kinds of movies, not that I can blame her.

Just saw it and yes, it looks cute!


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