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Abram's Star Trek XI teaser

StarTrekXI_Logo.jpgIt's so early it's unbelieveable, but there's artwork out already for J.J. Abrams Star Trek XI, and as you can see it's simple, dark, and a look back in time. Other than that, you really can't read anything from it, apart from the 2008 date!

You can see the full size one over at StarTrek.com through Rope of Silicon which is huge and show's the texture of fabric rather than a flat sheen poster. Looks nice though.



I used to love Star Trek as a kid - both the movies and various TV incarnations. But the last few movies, along with Voyager and Enterprise really lost me.

This looks really nice though. It's most definitely the mustard-yellow of Kirk's captain uniform on the left, and the cool blue of Spock on the right.

Man I love that old insignia too!


(mumbling uninteligible words, dribbling...)

I need a crash course on Star Trek! Anybody out there to teach me? ;D

It seems that the studio is keen to make a movie with a character called Kirk that is not like the original Kirk and have a totally different style of story. I guess they studio have no confidence in their script which is why they wish to use the Star Trek name to get interest in the new characters and universe they have just made up. If they had any confidence in their re-visioning they would just make a movie based on those characters and universe and not use the Star Trek name at all.


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