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Adventures in Babysitting remake!

AdventuresinBabysitting.jpgSo officially nothing is safe. Now news is out that the 1980's film Adventures in Babysitting is getting a remake.

The original was superb fun, and I remember seeing it quite recently and loving so much of it. I think I fell in love with Elisabeth Shue because of this movie. It also marked Chris Columbus's first outing as director...so a remake?

The news comes from Empire, and I can hardly believe it.

While Disney’s re-imagined version will feature a similar plot, the babysitter’s role will now be played by TV sitcom star Raven-Symone, who has just signed a cushy pay or play deal with the studio.

"Raven is a smart, funny and talented star who has the class and composure to go all the way," Disney production chief Nina Jacobson told The Hollywood Reporter.

...and so that's why she's starring in this disasterous smelling remake? There isn't a film out there that is safe after all. Does anyone remember this film, is it worth a remake?



I havent seen the film, only heard it from here Rich, will you recommend it then?

Holy shit. I beat you at something? I posted this on my bolog like... 6 months ago or more. Crazy.

Anyway, yeah, although I hate needless remakes, I would still be interested in seeing someone else's vision of this movie. I loved this moive as a "kid" and watched in many times. Still own it on DVD and pop it in maybe once a year. Great film.

~ Drewbacca

Yeah remember this site didn't exist six months ago! I think there was something on my previous writing assignment about this, but not here.

Oh...as for recommendation, yeah, it is a fun film. Saturday afternoon raining outside kinda film.

Cheers Rich, lemme add that to my rental queue.


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