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Batman Begins titled The Joker?

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgI missed this when I wrote about the interview with Michael Caine, and I can't believe I did when I quoted him from the interview as saying:

...we’re going to make The Joker next year.

That's probably the strongest indication of a title for the Batman Begins (review) sequel that there is. However it does sound to me like a working or partial title. Batman will have to be in there, so it'll be something like Batman: The Joker, or...wait a moment, rather than me come up with ideas, what do you think it could be, or even should be, called?



I'm going to go with titles of some graphic novels / comic book series:

Batman : The Dark Knight
Batman : Gotham Knight
Batman : The Killing Joke
Batman : Black and White

I really like the idea of titling it the Joker.


Indeed. One of the weakest points of any superhero film is... too much villains and characters.

That happens with X-Men, and will happen with Spiderman 3, I am afraid.

If something we have learnt about Batman is that the Joker has a personality strong enough to get a whole movie just for him.

After the, yes, overrated Batman Begins, wich had too much exposition, we can see the greatest confrontation between the killer clown and the Lord of the Night.

That, by the way, would be my title.

Batman and the killer clown.

Batman and the Killer Clown?


I have no Idea what it could be...

...but I remember a really crap video game from a while back with the absolute BEST title for a batman movie EVER...



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