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Cinema staff receive detective training

Cameo-Screen1.jpgA former police officer is set to train cinema staff in the UK how to spot and handle people with recording equipment, as well as investigate incidents of alleged recording. The UK film distributors have clubbed together and are creating this new role of a cinema investigator.

According to the BBC:

Fact says the new investigator will educate cinema staff on how to detect people using digital camcorders, and advise them on how to disrupt the recording.

I wonder if the staff at the cinema are going to really get involved in this? Are they really expecting the staff to tackle the pirates in the cinema? This in itself would mean that cinema staff were keeping an eye on the audience during a screening, and this is quite a task. At most of the cinemas I go to I don't see anyone watching to see what's going on, and this is going to mean more work for the cinema staff and perhaps more staff.

Can they go back to the days of manning each cinema screen? Personally I would like that because then they can attempt to stop all manner of annoyances from inconsiderate audience members. Yet the question remains, would you have the guts to go and tackle a member of the audience recording a film for illegal distribution?



Well, if its in their job description to do so, then the cinema owners should add damage fees to their trained staff's paycheck. They should get compensation for that dont you think?

My girlfriend used to work in UGC and just before she left, the cinema got a delivery of brand-spanking-new night-vision goggles. Yes, that's right, night-vision goggles!

I suppose in this day and age, they are required as cameras and recording equipment have become so sophisticated that they could quite easily be taken into a theatre.

But as for regular cinema staff been giving detective training? That's bullshit. I don't know about where you go to the cinema, but I know my local theatre generally has staff aged in their late-teens/early-twenties. To expect them to go and stop someone recording is ridiculous.

It's essential for regular cinema-goers (us) to be more vigilant and report anything we see as suspicious. Even "all manner of annoyances from inconsiderate audience members" as Richard put it. If some gobshite is acting the arsehole, go and get security! It's the only way to sort it out.

In the end, if we don't stand up for what's right, then we are the ones who are going to end up paying for it.

"Can they go back to the days of manning each cinema screen? Personally I would like that because then they can attempt to stop all manner of annoyances from inconsiderate audience members."

Oh please yes. That would be terrific. I still wish they had continued with the cell phone jamming devices in theatres.

Inconsiderate jerks.

I'm all for the manning of cinema screens - I actually stopped going to the cinema for a while because of the annoying bunch of teenagers I would inevitably get stuck beside - they can ruin the experience for everyone else. And cell phones too - not just the possibility of them ringing during a show, but the number of times I've been distracted by a bright light a couple of rows in front of me while somebody composes/answers a text message....grrr


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