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Donner's Superman gets released

Superman.jpgThe fans have their wish and the announcement has been made that Richard Donner's version of Superman II, the original version, is to be released on DVD along with an audio commentary from the man himself, that's Donner not Super.

According to Superhero Hype a huge DVD boxset is coming our way...

On November 28, in celebration of the year of Superman, Warner Home Video will release a host of DVDs, all starring the late Christopher Reeve in his landmark portrayal of the Man of Steel. Leading the way will be the long-awaited Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut ($24.98 SRP), directed by Donner and representing Superman II as it was originally conceived and intended to be filmed.

The film has all of Donner's material, some of it never seen before. It includes the never before seen beginning and ending with fifteen minutes of restored footage of the great Marlon Brando.

The other version will also be available along with all the other Superman films, but the one that has been shouted for by fans will finally be here.

Enjoy more footage of the Krypton Council, a glimpse of stars of prior Superman incarnations, more of Jor-El underscoring his son's purpose on Earth and an extended sequence inside Lex Luthor's gauntlet of doom.

For those that don't know, this is an all too common occurrence in Hollywood. One director is nearly finished or completes a movie, the people with the cash say no, and it get's redone. That's basically the story here, but finally these people realise that there's more money to be had releasing it. Whatever the motive, we'll finally get to see it.



I'm excited to see Donner's version. I always loved Donner's films as a kid. Unfortunately he hasn't directed anywhere near enough films of late, but at long last we get to see his vision of Superman II.

And thankfully they'll be releasing it seperately. I thought they were going to sucker-punch us by only making this available in the supposed 14-disc Superman box set.

Let's hope no Warner Bros execs just read that...

this is the best superman news ever,in my opinion.

I thought S2 was better than the first one.
Now i'm in to see what could have been done differently about it.

now if they could only release the little wanted superman4 extended cut, I'd be able to see exactly how campy IT could have been.

With all this hype on Superman Returns and IMO very deserved, I was close to buying Orange's promotion of Nokia 6280 that comes with a Superman charm tone, screensaver, Superman game and what-have-you, but this release is surely something I would welcome even if just last week I bought the Superman collection boxset. I am guessing the November 28 release will also extend to the UK? Please keep us posted Richard! ;D

Yeah Simone! Because if at least this arrives to Zone 2, I will have it. It´s my chance to finally get this movie in the best edition!!

If you are having difficulty getting it where you are, let me know Peter. ;D

Sure! Because in my beloved country there´s little chances to get the release. I count on you ;)

No, you just tell me but I wont do anything, I only want to know you cant get it, then I can mock you.



General Zod, annihilate all humans.

Begin with letter S.

Thanks, general Zod.

I just saw Superman 2 today too. ;D

Superman 2 was a lot of fun and has some great lines but...

It has loads of plot holes and blatant cigarette product placements in it. (In the first movie remember Superman was warning Lois of the dangers of smoking.)

There's also silly stuff thrown in where the Kryptonian villains suddenly develop the power to levitate people with their fingers. That's complete nonsense!

There is even a scene where Superman uses his powers to beat up a helpless human. (Ok he may have deserved it but Superman would never have done that.)

There's a great scene where Lois shoots Clark to prove his true identity. I have seen the clip, it a much better scene than the hand in the fire scene from the released version.

Removing the dross and putting the good stuff back in is quite welcome in my book.

Which version are you talking about Morbius? I just saw Superman 2 on DVD a couple of days ago and I dont remember seeing any of the above you have just mentioned?


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