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EIFF 2006 to watch list


The madness is about to begin again for the 60th year of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and I've got an incredibly packed schedule. I've taken two weeks holidays and the plan is to see almost fifty movies...yes, fifty, and I am mad.

The list of films I am going to try and catch is over the page, and it's a lengthy one...it's taken me most of the afternoon to work out what to see, when, which to pay for, etc. etc.

During the festival I will try and post some news, but I suspect my manic posting fingers will be somewhat stretched and so I have some help drafted in for a couple of weeks. Some temporary writing cover will appear, so please be kind.

The festival kicks off on the 13th of August this year, for the press anyway, and I'll be going until the 26th, in the meantime, have a look over the page for the list of titles that I'm heading off to see.

The following list is the coming month, so if you're viewing this and it's still July you won't see the end of the festival. I just couldn't be bothered retyping it all!

Film Date
My Country, My Country 13/08
Palimpsest 13/08
The Flying Scotsman 13/08
Love Sick (Legaturi Bolnavicioase) 13/08
Ants in the Mouth (Hormigas en la boca) 14/08
The Host (Guimul) 14/08
Art School Confidential 14/08
The Empire in Africa 15/08
Them (Ils) 15/08
Apart From That (Public) 15/08
Clerks 2 16/08
The Right of the Weakest (La Raison du plus faible) 16/08
East of Havana 16/08
Holly (Public) 16/08
First Love (Hatsu-Koi) 17/08
Twelve and Holding 17/08
Sheitan 17/08
Birds of Heaven (Les Oiseaux du Ciel) (Public) 17/08
The Lost 18/08
This Film is Not Yet Rated 18/08
The Aura (El Aura) 18/08
5 Days (Chamisha Yamim) (Public) 18/08
Seven Heavens (Sieben Himmel) 19/08
Mutual Appreciation 19/08
Shut up and Shoot Me 19/08
Jindabyne (Public) 19/08
Hotel Harabati (De particulier à particulier) 20/08
Air Guitar Nation 20/08
Wide Awake 20/08
Black Brush (Fekete Kefe) (Public) 20/08
Next Door (Naboer) 21/08
The Uncertain Guest (El Habitante incierto) 21/08
The Killing of John Lennon 21/08
The Treatment (Public) 21/08
H6 - Diary of an Assassin 22/08
Page Turner (Tourneuse de pages) 22/08
Sundays in August (Pal-Wol-Eui Il-Yo-Il-Deul) (Public) 22/08
The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief 23/08
The Prodigy 23/08
Brothers of the Head 24/08
Lives of the Saints 24/08
Cargo (Public) 24/08
Dead Man's Cards 25/08
Colour Me Kubrick 25/08
An Inconvenient Truth 25/08
The Night Listener (Public) 25/08
EIFF 26/08
The Ring Finger (L'Annulaire) (Public) 26/08



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