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Films you are embarrassed to like...

AChorusLine.jpgOkay, this is confessional time part one. In this feature we're going to openly discuss, without fear of retribution (well, apart from some gentle ribbing) the films that we are embarrassed to tell people we own or like. I'll start this session and open up to you all with three films that I own and two of those that I really love, then it's up to you to open your heart and tell all what films you are embarrassed, nah even ashamed, to say you like.

I have to admit that there are a couple of embarrassing films in my DVD collection, interestingly I would say that they are embarrassing, but others might not, and yet I do, and I own them. The films in question are A Chorus Line, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Tigger Movie.

I have to say, to my defence, the Tigger film is wholly down to buying it as a present for a girlfriend who never took it with them when they were excommunicated. So in a way that one is instantly excluded, because I don't actually like it. However, the other two I have no real excuse for, and I love them both.

A Chorus Line is a wonderful movie with big and very personal performances, the characters all have their hidden depths which are revealed slowly through the long audition as they open up to the Director and his Production team. Each one reveals what they are about through a song and dance routine, different styles, different sounds, but very similar themes. People are flawed and their flaws are what gives them their strengths. Through this film there are a couple of great song and dance numbers, and some incredibly emotional performances, and I find it so easy to connect with one or two of the characters in it.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic, and I'm sure many more people will back me up on this than they will on A Chorus Line. Like Chorus Line, I know the songs, but here I don't just know all the songs I even know the timing and voices. In fact I've been told I do a fantastic Frank-N-Furter impersonation. There's something wickedly wild and over the top about this whole film, and the performances from recognisable stars are superb, in particular Tim Curry. The songs are fantastic, and I just can't help but sing every word of Science Fiction, Sweet Transvestite, and I Can Make You a Man.

So if you think I haven't embarrassed myself enough by now then I don't know how I can! So it's over to you and your confessions. What films do you feel embarrassed in company to say that you own or love to watch? Come on and out yourselves, it's just between you, me and the other person who reads Filmstalker.



YEOWZA Richard!!! How do you come up with these brilliant ideas for a feature???

Confession time it is then. Let's see the skeletons on my own DVD collection. I own "Annie", "Saturday Night Fever" and "Staying Alive". It seems that its mostly musicals that fall in this category of yours eh? I have always loved "Annie" (hey Rich FYI, Tim Curry was there too!) and loved the songs too (heck maybe I should get the OST too?) I must admit everytime I watch that film I feel 10 times better afterwards, come on its about an orphan meeting Daddy Warbucks! And President Roosevelt singing "Tomorrow", it's a blast!

Right, is there any excuse for owning any of John Travolta's dance films? I love him as Tony Manero, I loved the Beegees music in the first and the pairing with Cynthia Rhodes on the sequel, when I actually picked this up on the sale my then roommate looked at me as if I was insane or what, no, I didnt get to convince her to watch it.

There should be some more, but for now I am brave enough to say I own these films and anybody's welcome to borrow 'em! ;-)

And continuing on the Musical theme, I am almost ashamed to admit I love and yes, own 'Grease 2' - which I watched countless times growin up, and for a while I considered it to be better than the original...and with classics such as 'Cool Rider', 'Reproduction' and 'Who's That Guy' , who can blame me?
Another one, much more recent and universally panned: 'Bewitched' with Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell - say what you like, I love it and I must have watched my DVD at least half a dozen times. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, and Nicole Kidman. It's not easy to wriggle your nose like that, believe me I've tried it...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Jayne! I also own "Grease 2" but didnt want to admit it or say it out loud! What's worse is, I also own the soundtrack and love it. The best thing about that movie was of course Michelle Pfeiffer, she was great as a Pink Lady.

I also love "Cool Rider" and "Girl for all Seasons". Oh man, this topic just made me want to watch all these films this weekend now!

Well just so you don't feel too ashamed by yourself, I admit I may have a few tracks from the 'Grease 2' soundtrack floating around on my iPod somwhere. Oh, another one I've just thought of is 'Hackers' - I love that movie and it's soundtrack - and I can overlook Jonny Lee Miller's poor attempt at a New York accent. Ah, like you say Simone - I feel a 'Nostalgia DVD' weekend coming on...

I have already taken them out. Doing a mini mini miny mo as to which to watch first!

Well I have to admit it wasn't my idea, it was Jayne's - and a huge thanks for that.

If this one takes off then there may well be a follow-up next week. See how the conversation goes and if it spreads.

Ahhhh so its you Jayne! Great idea actually. This will surely catch on and spread like wildfire.

Another one I own which isnt a musical is Sandra Bullock's "The Net". And okay, laugh at me but at that time it was so kewl, I still think it's a great suspense film. And Mr Northam is yum. I call these films my own guilty pleasures.

My girlfriend is a BIG Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. She hasn't got me to watch it just yet, but I will see it sometime. A theatre here in Dublin, The Classic in Harold's Cross, used to show it EVERY Friday night. And the one time I went to bring her to see it there, the damn cinema had closed down! SONOFABITCH!

I've got a few stinkers in my DVD collection. Some are merely to complete "sagas", some are ones I like. I'll just list them off and you can make up your own mind.

Bad Boys 2
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Batman: The Movie (the Adam West & Burt Ward classic)
Death Race 2000
Jaws 2-4
Starsky & Hutch
Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles 1-3

I personally love ‘Babe pig in the city’, I’m not sure if it’s anything to be ashamed or what others think of it, but I guess it stands out like a sore thumb in my DVD collection which is mainly made up of world cinema and cult films.

Bullet, I think some of our film collection can also be likened to the CD's we own. I listen to Pearl Jam and I have all their albums and when they see all the Barbra Streisand CD's as well, its like, "Simone, what's up with you?"

I am not really ashamed of these films that may look odd from the others in my collection but I guess its how a certain film touches you at a given time and how funny enough, it just stays with you.

Now let me start this nostalgic weekend and play "Grease 2" - here's to us Jayne! ;-)

The Tigger Movie rules!!!

The wonderful thing about Tiggers,
Is Tiggers are wonderful things,
Their tops are made out of rubber,
Their bottoms are made out of springs!
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is...................... I'm the only one!

Tigger is my idol! Don't believe me?
We had dinner once! Photo evidence!....


I probably should have said, that wasn't me just tripping out.

Those are the touching lyrics to the little ditty "the Wonderful Thing About Tiggers"

.... and my rep lies in ruins.

No way!!!

My respect and admiration for Rynndar just went up a notch! Tigger is so cuteeeeeeeee! Alright so is that dude beside him. :)

I was just looking at Cinematical and funny but they have a Guilty Pleasures topic going on earlier this week with Grease coming on top of the author's list, I love Grease, and wouldnt be guilty about it. Heck, I also love Grease 2 and I say no to a Grease 3 unless...

unless what?...In fact I'm sure I read something about a 'Grease 3' rumour going around a couple of years ago, but don't think Travolta or Newton-John would be involved. Besides they're just too old now - weren't they already in their 30s when they made the original? Can't quite see a 60 year old Travolta doing the hand-jive, can you?

See! I knew Jayne would finish off my sentence for me. Unless the two get back together and do it which like what you said is very unlikely.

Man, Travolta in a tight black leather outfit and still doing the hand jive at 60. What a sight!

yes well, thanks very much for that nightmare ;-)

(Bring it on) is like a (Rocky) flim, and so is (Revege of the Nerds) their feel good little guys vs big guy, trumph through adversity movies. I guess I should be ashamed to say that.

Oh so many cinematic guilty pleasures so little time..

Movies that definately question my good judgement are:

Gangsters (somebody has to remember this one, it has Christian Slater & Richard Greco)
Any 'Tales From The Crypt' full length movie
The horror remake of 'Phantom of the Opera'
Motel Hell
The Blob
Demolition Man
Most of my choices revolve around horror because that's my favorite genre 8-)

Ehr Sarah, you prolly meant Mobsters? ;-)

Simone that's even more embarrassing that you corrected Sarah!!

Sarah - I just caught Demolition Man on TV last night...ok it does have some funny lines in it. The Arnie references are funny.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why cant you just keep quiet there Richard?!

I actually wanted to say that when I posted but I think since I have admitted the DVDs I own, the rep that I have been protecting all this years is gone, just like that! I have sunk lower and lower and it feels great! LOL

Brother Bear, the disney flick about the Inuits, really stole my heart.
dont' tell my mates. they'll crucify me.

Also, I think the G.I. Joe animated movie from the '80's also held my complete attention. It was AWESOME!!!!!

and if you really want to kick my ass, the first power rangers movie, i watched and thorougly enjoyed.
dont' feel too sorry for me. I worked in a video store and had to watch it to make sure I had re spooled it correctly. And I DID NOT PAY FOR IT.

I have not seen it for ages, but I remeber liking Mobsters as well :)

This is great, I am in good company! ;-)

More confessions. I love and own "Somewhere in Time" because I am so in love with Christopher Reeve after Superman. I also love but do not own "Shining Through" - starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith.

Somewhere in Time is a great movie, Simone, and it also has one of the best soundtracks all time, by John Barry.

This feature... I mean, I am never embarrassed about seeing any movie at all, I am quite proud of what I see, and it´s personal all the way.

Thus said, there are some films I objectively consider to be quite bad but I like and see without hesitation.

-Anastasia: I think we all love some animation film and we won´t admit it. This one is definetely cheesy, but if only for the songs and the colours, I enjoy it.

-The Lawnmower Man: This Brett Leonard film could be quite ridiculous, and the Fx are very outdated, but it´s the story of how a dumb becomes a genius and a killer. Love it.

-The Toxic Avenger: As someone mentioned, the horror film aficionados like almost everything. I could put a thousand movies under that genre, but I put this because I feel Troma is always thought to be a group of fools. Lloyd Kaufmann is wiser than it seems, people.

-A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: The same as with animation, we all have a musical of our taste. This one has bad jokes, and it´s very disbalanced, but the songs are good. It was the first time I heard about someone called Stephen Sondheim. And there´s Buster Keaton, too.

-Daredevil: Yes, the Ben Affleck one. The thing is I expected nothing from that and I found a more than decent movie. Maybe it was the low expectations.

-Alexander: I could see it without any problem at all like a hundred times. I know its flaws, but I like the character so much, and the battles are not that bad.

-Independence Day: It´s very entertaining, what can I say? And it has a couple of really good scenes. Tne Fx are quite good.

And many others I don´t remember now.

oh, good call on 'Daredevil' - I'm quite fond of that one too, but prefer the universally hated 'Elektra'. I'm a bit of a Jennifer Garner fan, so the purchase of the DVD was purely to show my support and round out my collection. ;-)

Wow Peter, youve seen Somewhere in Time? *swoons* Now that youve mentioned it, I really ought to get that soundtrack.

Jayne, I didnt have a problem with Daredevil either.

I'm actually not ashamed to admit I like the first Police Academy film. (At least, I liked it way back then; I suspect I've not actually watched the thing since the early 90s at the very latest, if even that late.) Mind you, I am a bit embarrassed to admit to having seen the series as far as the fifth film, and to having seen the fourth and fifth ones at the cinema as well.

Beyond that I have no guilty secrets. Never believed in them.

There are some cracking movies in here! Keep them coming...

James, I don't think this is really about regret or deep embarrassment, just slight embarrassment.

I really like Chorus Line and Rocky Horror, but still mentioning them raises a slight awkwardness!

I only saw 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' for the first time very recently - loved Tim Curry's character and it took days for the song 'Sweet Transvestite' to get out of my head! And everyone knows 'Time Warp' spawned a dancefloor craze everywhere, so nothing to feel too akward about Richard ;-) And I haven't seen 'Chorus Line', but I'm tempted to put it on my rental list...

I must admit to doing the "Timewarp" in a service station in France many years ago. Made all the better by having taps on the floor that you stand on - that jump to the left produced hot water, the step to the ri-i-i-i-ight a series of cold jets.

I'd be embarrased about having The Blues Brothers on DVD if I hadn't bought it on VHS first and also owned the soundtrack!

I have another to add to this growing list, "Beaches". I sob like a baby when I watch that movie, gotta love divine Midler!

I've got one...."Spice World". So cheesy but I laugh every time.

I own 'Road house'

he's the best cooler in the business. I feel no shame.

well... a little

Road House - another one I've got to get around to watching. On the subject of Patrick Swayze though - 'Dirty Dancing' is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I can't be the only one can I? C'mon Simone, back me up on this one. Please. ;-)

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!! I love "She's Like the Wind" that he sang from that film.

There Jayne, here I am to the rescue! *winks*

Another Swayze film I liked was "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything..." alongside Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo. It's really so much fun to watch!

When will the confession stop???? LOLOLOL

Ah, there you are Simone, knew I could count on you :-) Wow, there seems to be no end to this thread! Well, they do say confession is good for the soul. Not so great for the street cred though, so I'll keep it to myself that I also own the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack...oops, too late ;-)

Heck, I own the Annie DVD and the soundtrack! *gasps*

Somebody help, please pull me out from the dumps!!! Do you also own the Sound of Music soundtrack Jayne? LOL

Haven't I humiliated myself enough for one day? Apparently not - yes I do own it and I'm proud of it :-) I love Julie Andrews! I guess 'Sound of Music' isn't all that embarrassing as it's a family favourite, but what I'm less proud of is the time I tried to make myself an outfit from a pair of my bedroom curtains...

"Are you telling me that you were dressed up walking all around Salzburg with nothing but old drapes????

You must be having a marvellous time!"


This madness should stop, I can even quote the lines! ;-)

One film that is missing from here but totally brilliant is...
Hudson Hawk
Would you like to swing on a star...

Hudson Hawk rules!

You tell me another movie where you can see a dog fired out of a castle window?

Huh? Well? Come on!


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