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Films you are embarrassed you haven't seen...

TheGodfather.jpgConfessional time part deux…So we talked about the movies that you are embarrassed that you've seen or that you own, but what about those you haven't seen? Are there any films that you've missed that you're embarrassed to say? Are there some films hailed as classics, or films that you would love to see that you just haven't?

For me there are some obvious ones and perhaps they are particularly embarrassing because here I am writing about movies and I haven't seen some of the biggest there are, some of those top films listed on IMDB.

I have to confess that although I have seen one or two of The Godfather series, I can't actually remember which ones, and I can only remember snippets of them. I hang my head in shame. It get's worse though.

Raging Bull? No, I'm not commenting on an angry poster, I'm talking about the classic boxing film from Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro in it, yes, I am embarrassed to say I haven't seen this, and when I say I haven't seen it, I mean not at all.

There are many classics in that list I haven't seen. I'm particularly ashamed to say I haven't completely seen The Seven Samurai, and that is a classic of epic proportion. Fair play though, the DVD is sitting in my "to watch" pile of my DVD collection…it's a big pile!

The French Connection films with Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider mark more unseen movies that I really should watch, and I really wish I could say that I've seen them. It's strange that most of these classic films you haven't seen are in some way memorable, you can recall a scene or a line in your mind. It's because so many clips are played as they are the classics, seeing them on countdown shows or reading about them again and again.

Part of me almost wants to steer clear of the "recommended must see" list, or any top list. Part of me wants to find my own classics, and I think I have. Yet these lists are the defining movies, the benchmarks, the most popular, how could I not see them? Does it make me less of a film fan, does it make me less of a writer?

So I fight that battle to mix these movies in with the new films that I have to watch, and perhaps one day I'll clear that embarrassment out of my unseen history.

What about you? What films have you not seen that you really think you should have? What classic, defining films are you saddened to say you haven't seen…just yet?



I've been dying for this sequel of a feature! Another one that defines Filmstalker from the rest of 'em. *Simone crawls off*

Like Richard, I havent seen "The Seven Samurai" and "The French Connection" either. I am hoping to rent it from Amazon soon. I also havent seen "Aliens" (YES! I havent, and this is true!) and I dont remember now why I chose not to see it back then and why now I would like to see it. On the sci-fi front I havent seen "Blade Runner" and I raise my hands and say yes, pelt me with stones right now, but no, I have yet to see this film too. And who would like to take another shot at the pelting since I also havent seen "Shawshank Redemption" either?

I would like to see "Cool Hand Luke" one of these days too. Will anybody recommend that I should watch "Citizen Kane", cause what's up with that film?

Some of the ones mentioned are on my list too, 'French Connection' movies, 'Raging Bull' and I confess to having only seen 'The Godfather' Part I, which was more than enough for me. Sorry Simone, I know you're a big fan! Some of the others I'm ashamed to admit I've never seen are:

It's a Wonderful Life
Singin' In the Rain
The Princess Bride
Forrest Gump (maybe this is one I should be proud of?)

And a ton of others, mostly 'classics' such as 'Casablanca', 'Gone with the Wind' etc but then, that's what online DVD rental services are for!

you haven't fuckin seen Forrest Gump? That's insane. It's a great story.

When you watch "Seven Samurai," if you have the special edition (or it might even be Criterion Edition) make sure you watch at least some of it with the commentary by the Asian film expert. It's fascinating to understand Kurosawa and the influence he had on almost every movie you've ever seen since.

Ok, on to my shameful list...
Space Balls
It's a Wonderful Life
Grease (thank God)
Animal House
Dead Poet's Society
St Elmo's Fire (until two days ago)

That's all I can think of, but I'm sure there's more. Space Balls is by far the most shameful though.

~ Drewbacca

I haven't even seen one of The Godfather series!

Some others on the shameful list:
Gone with the Wind
Only one of the "old" Star Wars Movie (Please don't ask me wich one!)
Taxi Driver

What a shame...

I don't seem to be missing many from my list. Godfather II is one but I've got that here ready to watch. The only other ones that come to mind are the last two of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy.

As for Citizen Kane, it is definitely worth a watch. Worth keeping in mind how difficult it was to pull off some of the effects that are in it given when it was made.


I haven't seen any of the Godfather flicks nor Raging Bull. But does having always wanted to see them count? I actually just rented The Godfather series through my Blobkbuster Online account, but they sent part 2 before part 1...so alas...I await part 1. After all, you have to see them how they were made, right?

As for Simone:

Bro, you've got to see Forest Gump. It truely was one of the greatest movies ever made - it'll actually surprise you as I expected it to be pretty dull.

The Princess Bride is a must if you like quotable movies. It's cute and good to watch with the family (sort of).


Only 1 of the Star Wars movies??? =P

Big fan here, but Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (second film made in the original makes) is the most favored.

Clerks is a classic for independent films. If you like looser movies and funny references to films within a film, then you'd appreciate this flick. It's cheap acting at its best, but the dry humor and humility it has for itself makes it worth the "classic" title.

Great movies...all of them.

So, now that I've judged, time to be judged myself...

Have not seen Gone with the Wind.

I'm still trying to forget Grease. =D



Good call on the effects for Citizen Cane Louise. I've never seen it, but you make a good case for it. I'll try and add it to my list...

For me it's On the Waterfront, Vertigo and, more recently, Being John Malkovich...I've heard BJM isn't that great but it sounds darn wierd and I'm soooo sad that I have to admit as to never seeing it.

The others on the list are such classics that i'm just gonna go gnaw my arm off in frustration. Or heck, i could just go to the video store and drum them up on VHS.

Sigh...i've no motivation...

My list would be embarrassingly long itself. Most of them are old and classic movies who unfortunately I havent the chance to see yet. I will put some examples, of course:

-Double Indemnity (B. Wilder)

-Scarface (Howard Hawks)

-Kowaaniqatsi (G. Reggio)

-Many japanese films (including Godzilla, but also Mikio Naruse, for example)

-Many William Wyler's

-The French Connection (Simone ;D)

-Many Sci-Fis from the 50s

-Many Italian Neorrealists.

-ALL Ingmar Bergman movies (should I be embarrassed?)

-THX 1138, by George Lucas.

Salutations from a place far far away!!!!

I'm sure there's far too many such films for me to list. In my defence, a lot of now acknowledged classics simply aren't available in any form in Australia without resorting to importing DVDs and spending ludicrous amounts of money, but there are a few which I'm sure are indefensible cos I actually can get them here without much trouble. What Mogulus said about "no motivation" rings true for me, though; a big part of my problem is summoning up the will to go out and track these things down and then watch them. I already have well over a hundred things on DVD and tape at home that really require my attention first, as well.

The two films that I was most embarrassed about never having seen were Casablanca and Jaws. You'll be pleased to know both of these gaps in my film knowledge have been filled. Now I just have several hundred more to fill... Looking at the current IMDB Top 250, and picking out the generally acknowledged classics (using 1980 as a rough cut-off date), I've not seen the following:

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
It's A Wonderful Life
The Manchurian Candidate
On The Waterfront
Cinema Paradiso
Nights Of Cabiria
The Graduate
All The President's Men

And quite a few others as well. I've got a lot of watching ahead of me.

Does it make me less of a film fan, does it make me less of a writer?

1) It depends on what else you have seen and how wide your experience of films is otherwise.
2) Only in that it means you can't write knowledgeably about those particular films you haven't seen. Makes no difference that I can see to your writing abilities as a whole. Again, see point 1: what else have you seen that you can write about?

what a great feature. all i had to do was copy and paste all the movies tat people rate but haven't seen and hey presto my online dvd rental queue has been created. copy and paste..ahhhhhhhhh.

as for the movies i am embarressed about not watching(besides my spelling)...hmmm.

The English Patient
Most Hitchcock movies
The Towering Inferno
Spice Girls - The movie

Like many said already, too many to list. But of those I'm a cinematically challenged for are:

Of the classics...
Gone With The Wind
It's A Wonderful Life

And a little more modern...
Any of the first three Star Wars films (by book, not by filming)

Pablo - I wouldn't feel too bad about not having seen 'Spice Girls, the Movie' - I haven't seen it either and I don't feel even the slightest embarrassment about it - perhaps better to consider it a small achievement ;-)
As for 'The English Patient' - I have no excuse for not having seen it as I was sent the DVD for free when I subscribed to a film magazine ages ago, so it's more lazyness than anything else.

Hey Peter, I should have gotten that French Connection should'nt I, and not the Superman boxset? ;D

Same here, I havent seen THX 1138 myself.

Just looking at the top 250 on IMDB here's a couple I noticed I haven't seen......

1 - Casablanca
2 - Rear Window
3 - 12 Angry Men
4 - Citizen Kane
5 - It's a wonderful Life
6 - Lawrence Of Arabia
7 - Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Or ANY Python for that matter!)
8 - Das Boot
9 - On The Waterfront
10- Platoon

Oh no, 12 Angry Men, Kane and Wonderful Life really are must see's...and I hate using that term, but it's true!

I always get so frutsrated. It's like there's not enough hours in the day to see the films I wanna see. Have to satrt making a "to see list" of my own.

Two that come to mind in my case are "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and 2001: A Space Oddysey...

I fall asleep in both of them each time I watch, even if I'm not tired...

Go figure...

Have not seen "12 Angry Men" either Rynndar.

James, I highly recommend "All the President's Men", had it for a while on DVD but it took me a good 2 years after I bought it to

So you're recommending Kane Richard? ;D

Now it´s my turn to pick you all a little. No, just kiddin´. I mean, so many films have been mentioned here, I will say a bit about my favs:

-It´s a Wonderful Life -- It makes you cry so much! It´s beautiful.

-Citizen Kane -- It´s really enjoyable to see how much a man loses when he gains.

-Lawrence of Arabia -- Really, if only one, choose THIS ONE. I never saw it in a cinema and what a pity!!!!

By the way, I haven´t seen In the waterfront either!! And it´s Marlon Brando at his highest!! Damn!!

Right, after hearing you talk about Lawrence of Arabia, I might just take you up on that recommendation. Cheers Peter. ;D

Wasn't my Lawrence of Arabia recommendation good enough Simone? ;-)

Ok, films I have not seen include...

It's a Wonderful Life
On The Waterfront (except for the end)
Raging Bull
Pulp Fiction
Resevoir Dogs
The Exorcist
All the President's Men
Seven Samuria (though I have seen many other Kurasawa movies)
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Cool Hand Luke
The Dirty Dozen (Not all the way through at least)
The Ten Commandments
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
Grease (I am proud to say!)

In my defence though I have seen...

Touch of Evil
Black Narcissus
12 Angry Men
Night of the Hunter
A Matter of Life and Death
Citizen Kane
The French Connection
The Manchurian Candiadate (the original)
Some Like it Hot
The Shawshank Redemption
Lawrence of Arabia
To Kill a Mockingbird
Cape Fear (Both Versions)
The Searchers
The Grapes of Wrath
One Upon a Time in the West/America
Bad Day at Black Rock

and last but not least...

All Quiet on the Western Front (the original)

But Morbius, I saw your Grease DVD in your collection! Dont lie to us!

Yeah right. :-)

Actually I will admit to having watched Grease II! :-O (on TV)

Purely I should add in my defence because I was going through a Michelle Pfieffer phase at the time.

Hey Morbius, I'll lend you my 'All the Presidents Men' & 'The Ten Commandments' - the latter you can keep if you like! ;P

Right, I am ticking Lawrence of Arabia off this list as I have finally seen it last Saturday - awesome film! What took me so long? ;D


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