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First Venom picture from Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man3_Venom.jpgVenom has been unleashed at Comic-Con, and reports are that it looked just like the comic version with full CGI. Unfortunately the Spider-Man 3 team haven't released the image yet, however there are images of Sandman and Eddie Brock in mid change, and the latter looks as cool as anything.

You can see the Sandman picture over at the Superhero Hype Forums forums, and the image of Brock changing into Venom is on the official site in massive sizes. Just select Open Menu, Desktops, Wallpaper 2, and you'll see the glorious image. Through Coming Soon.

I can't wait to see the full venom in action, but this is a superb taster. What do you think? More exciting stuff from Raimi and the team? It's amazing how fired up this picture made me, I seriously believe that this film is just going to blow the audience away.



This looks fantastic - definately looking like it'll be the best of the 3 movies. I've officially started counting down the days till this movie is released!

you know what, man, i'm actually not that excited about the image itself.

The news about him looking spot on comic-ish is truely wonderful. BUT, in my opinion, the human portions of this image look a bit washed out...like the effect is not finished.

The teeth are really cool too...I wonder how long we're going to have to wait until we see V-man in all his glory.

This pictures, in movement, are going to rock and roll!

This looks GREAT! It's really nice looking and it has got me even more pumped about Spider-Man 3. I am SERIOUSLY going to New York next May if this bad boy doesn't get a worldwide release date.

If you head on over to YouTube, someone has posted the video of the Comic-Con footage.
Granted, it's pretty poor quality. But you can definitely make out certain stuff, and LISTEN to the reaction of the crowd when it shows Venom at the very end.


This does look pretty good. I like the teeth.

Very curiouse as to how this will pan out, now since they have stated this very well may be the last one.

I agree it looks very cool, but the letdown is the scrawny little baby faced actor that the spider-man 3 movie team picked to play him. But then again they were right
with tobey maguire to play peter parker, so maybe topher grace (eddie brock) will be brilliant.
If arnold schwarzenegger was a lot younger maybe... you know, he would be a good venom. What does anybody else think

A huge guy would make Venom look right, but could he then move as well? I'm not so sure he'd have the flexibility for the character too.

Mind you, say Arnie with any action role and I'll say yes! Get Arnie, Willis, Stallone, Statham in one movie and I'll watch it all day.


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