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Halo script gets new writer

Halo.jpgAn interview with D.B. Weiss reveals that Alex Garland has finished, or is at least no longer writing, his draft of the Halo script and that Weiss is now onboard.

From GameSetWatch through Joystiq:

...I’m currently adapting Halo for producers Mary Parent, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh...I’m pretty excited about it. And I did always think there was a lot more to the Halo universe than most games -- I remember switching to "Easy" mode on the first game, so I could plow through it more quickly and find out what happened next.

Weiss is better known as a novelist, although he is also in the process of writing the screenplay for Ender's Game from the Orson Scott Card novel which Wolfgang Petersen will direct.

This news should please Halo fans as we can assume that Garland has completed his draft and Weiss has been brought in to polish, rework or combine drafts. This is common practice on scripts, but it is positive word that the project is moving forward. Far from limbo indeed.



Well said Rich,

I'm glad to see them taking their time on this movie. I'd be even more sceptical if it was being churned out like butter. As you've said, there's nothing exceptional that's happened to this project to make it any better or worse than any other hollywood project.

So they've changed writers, so what? What do people want? Would they prefer if they didn't improve the script?

From what I can tell after blazing through both games on Legendary Mode and boycotting my 360 purchase until Halo 3, this game has a fantastic universe in which to tell a story. It's simply not subject to the criticisms that other "shallow" games are. The scope is epic with influences from the best in Sci Fi to set pieces which wouldn't feel out of place in Black Hawk Down.

If a person were to think the game were sub-par, so be it. But to criticize the movie, having read or seen nothing (other than a positive script review!) because it's not the fastest production in the world, is nuts.

I don't care about people not wanting to see this movie, more power to them. What irks me though, is when they argue like a zealot that it's going to suck when they (by their own complaint) have nothing to base it on.

Let them get on with it.

I'm with you there Rynndar. I hate the way people are shouting that this is a sign that the picture is going to fail and that the script is bad - okay then, that means Indiana Jones is going to fail and is going to be bad, Watchmen will also have to be a failure.

This is standard process for scripts to be rewritten, and very often new writers come into the project to do it. Nothing amazing there.

Talking to a scriptwriter the other day he told me that before you write a word you are signed up for a number of drafts. He had just negotiated two on his current contract because he wanted to have the chance at completing it, but if he only had the one draft chances are there would be changes needed and it would go to another writer if he said no, was busy, or the studio just fancied it.

Business as usual.

This is a bias against videogame adaptations. Since there have been many poor ones to date then this one must be bad. Using that arguement Indiana Jones 4 must turn out good...but wait, the script has been rewritten...oh god...

Truth is the original story says nothing like the original script was abandoned, or dumped, it just says new writer, new script.

There are specific roles of screenwriter who are there to rework, polish and pull together scripts. Happens on many more movies than people would think.

However that's not headline grabbing is it?


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