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Howling and Piranha to get remade?

TheHowling.jpgMuch as I am against remakes in this current Hollywood climate, the news of a remake of The Howling, or at least Howling II, is a good one for a number of reasons. Firstly Joe Dante seems keen and might be involved, secondly the Howling sequels were embarassingly bad.

The news comes from an interview with Dante in iF Magazine interview Joe Dante through Arrow in the head regarding his Masters of Horror episode. When asked about the possibility of a Howling remake he said...

They are definitely going to do it, because people keep calling me asking about who owns the rights to it. Stranger yet, I keep hearing about people wanting to remake PIRANHA. Which makes me think, "Why?" But this isn’t the first time someone has kicked the idea around.

Makes me wonder why as well, but the Howling does sound a positive move. Since Dante is saying that he's receiving a lot of calls about it, perhaps this means he's holding off for the right deal? One that might do the original justice. Imagine the Howling tale with the effects of Underworld? Now I'm keen for that.



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