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No press for Snakes on a Plane

SnakesonaPlane_Logo.jpgSnakes on a Plane is to get no screenings for press whatsoever and will be released direct to the public audience.

Read this story from Variety through Coming Soon two ways. One, like the other films that haven't been given press screenings before, it's awful. Two, the hype has worked so much that the execs believe it will work on its own without the need for any additional marketing.

I tend to believe the first one, and not because I get into some press screenings, after all up here we don't get the major films. No, I think it's going to be the first option because there's no way that the execs could even consider that they have saturated their potential audience with the extended Internet campaigns and scant cinema trailers. If you're on the Internet and reading about film news regularly, then you're saturated, but what percentage of the cinema going population is that really?

I don't actually know the answer to that question, but I know that they're limiting their potential audience by only targetting that category of people. Internet, film site readers only? No, I think they are expecting critics to totally pan it and so they're just avoiding that step.

Of course that doesn't mean it's definitely a bad movie, although I have to say of what I've seen and heard I think it will be!



Much as most of us are want it too be good, but I think deep down we all know it’s not going to be. Still I think this is a smart decision as mainstream critics where going to pan this even if it was OK. I think the positive reviews for Superman returns and the bad ones for Pirates (Which does have a messy plot, but delivers on the fun). Show that many critics are missing the point with these films. Some films are meant to be nothing more than brain-dead popcorn fun as Sam Jackson said in Total Film recently:

“People need to lighten up, life is too short. Movies like this are about the fun of going to the movies. When I was a kid, I was watching stuff like Dracula and the thing from outer space and Tarantula … y’know people running away from giant f****ing ants or whatever. It’s a ride. You scream, you have fun. Not all movies have to reflect reality. Most people go to the movies to get away from reality. There’s too much of that s*** on the news.

I have to say I agree with what Sams saying, it’s the problem films like the Hulk suffered from, people feeling the need to inject reality where there should have been just plain fun. Its pretty much the reason I won’t be going anywhere near Superman Returns, I don’t want to come in out of the sun to watch his relationship problems, it’s summer I want fun.

... not that I am saying Pirates 2 will be a better film, as I have not and won't see Superman returns unless I have nothing else to rent later in the year. Just that the plot for Superman is not the kind of plot that appeals to me in terms of a summer blockbuster and I get the feeling thats what kept many other people away from it on the big screen.

You may be underestimating the effects of the teaser trailer that ran in front of X-Men. The entire audience was laughing out loud at the trailer even as brief as it was. Given how many people saw X-Men, that might give Snakes on a Plane a good opening weekend.

Hey hap, it didn't show in front of X-Men where I saw it. I've only actually seen it in the cinema twice if I remember. Compare that to Cars which is running in just about every showing I've been to, merchandising stands, posters in bus shelters, etc, etc.

Hmmm...maybe a U.S. only thing???? Or, maybe something only for us hicks out here in the Midwest... ;-)

Probably is. The difference between US and European trailer runs is not only significant, but often just plain daft.

I am actually going to watch this film, just for Sam Jackson. ;D


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