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Site Downtime

Apologies for the downtime on the site earlier today. The servers were restarted sometime before 16:45 GMT to install some new updates, after the restart there were problems with the Filmstalker directories.

The hosting company restored a partial update for us to at least have a presence until they could do a full file check at 21:00 GMT. That's just completed, they've restored the original site and here we are with it working again.

Big apologies from myself, I'm glad we're back and I hope you all are too. Speak to you in the comments soon.

Many thanks...




Good to see you're back! A couple of hairy moments?

Hey Rich, I for one appreciate the email you sent informing us of the downtime. Glad to see us back up and running.

You know how much I love filmstalking! ;D

Appreciate the email updates, Richard. Clicked on at some point last night and had a weird sense of deja vu! Good to see you back :-)

Well I was worried for a while to say the least, and it took about five hours from beginning to end. Luckily we got everything back though, one of the benefits of MT storing all the site information in a DB away from the physical system.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad the email helped, although I could only pick on people who had recently commented.

Glad to see you back!

Where else do you want us to go but here? ;D



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