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Tony Jaa's Protector trailer online

TonyJaa.jpgThe trailer for Tony Jaa's new film Protector is now online. Jaa was previously seen doing some amazing stunts and fight sequences in Ong Bak (review), and this trailer has more of the same, but bigger, more Hollywood, and the set pieces look superb. This guy can fight something rotten.

You can see the trailer over at UK IGN [QT:WMV]. Have a look and tell us what you think, it does look a lot more Hollywood-ised, but not enough to make it cheesy. I think this looks stunning and another chance for Jaa to stamp his authority on the martial arts movie genre with a big fist.



Two mind-blowingly stellar fight sequences (one 5+ minute sequence is done in a single if you can believe that!!!) make TYG (aka the Protector) worth seeing.

However, the film plays out like Action-Porn. you will find yourself itching to fast-forward to the next fight seqence, as Tom Yum Goong's story structure, plotting and acting make ONG BAK look like Shakespeare by comparison.

This is one movie that seriously needs a North American (Weinstein) hack-editting job, because the movie as it exists now is a real mess. (Again as has been stated, "Who cares?" -- Well, there is a point where the interim scenes are really painful and TYG crosses it a few times).

Also, a huge missed opportunity, there is a Segway Scooter (remember those?) in the film....The makers of Tom Yum Goong (aka Protector) should have had a Segway chase scene which rivaled the Tuk Tuk chase in Onk Bak. As I said...missed opportutity for hilarity...you can not only ride those things, but could probably swing them around like a weapon too...

TYG is best watched in a group who can mock the in-betwen the action sequences and pick their jaws up off the floor after the specatular fights.

I quite enjoyed Tom Yum Goong. Granted, it doesn't have the most complex plot in the world - and there are several large holes in what plot there is. But once the action gets going and Tony Jaa starts strutting his stuff, the plot really does stop mattering.

I take your point, Triffic, about it being Action-Porn and, to a large extent I agree with you. But when the action is as spectacular as this, I really don't mind.

tony is the next li/lee in martial art after Bruce and jet.Nobody gonna stop him!!!!!!!


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