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William H. Macy directorial debut

WilliamHMacy.jpgThe superb actor William H. Macy has announced his plans to move behind the camera and begin directing. The film will be Keep Coming Back starring Salma Hayek, amongst others who he can't name just yet.

Although this isn't his actual directorial debut, he directed a small HBO film, this is his first big Hollywood outing. According to Coming Soon he read the script, called the writer and asked if he could direct, he said yes. Oh, it sounds so simple. He'll act in a few scenes playing a small part, but he will concentrate on directing.

"I'm going to approach this like a director, I hope. God save us all if I approach it like an actor," he joked. "They're two different jobs. A director is more like a general, about to go to war with a million troops who are his responsibility. It's tough. But the part everybody thinks about is when you're on the set and you get to say, 'Use the green chair rather than the brown chair,' but that's such a small part of making a movie."

He's also set to produce his first movie called The Deal, a romantic comedy starring Lisa Kudrow, another Friends star in a romantic comedy? God help us. There's also word of him appearing on stage alongside his amazing wife Felicity Huffman.

So it's all go for Macy, but the thing to watch out for is that directorial debut. I think he's a superb acting talent, although I really would like to see more of him in bigger roles and more mainstream movies, only if he can retain that special characteristic that makes him Macy.



I follow the career of Macy since ER. His peculiar way of acting makes him quite good. He can be very serious, like in Fargo, and quite funny, like in Mistery Men.

William H. Macy is a damn fine actor, I don't think I've ever been disappointed with him in any of his movies.
I'm really interested to see what he can bring to the director's chair, but I'd like to know a little more about Keep Coming Back (apart from the gorgeous Salma Hayek starring in it) before I get too excited.


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