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Art School Confidential

Film Two Stars

The opening to this film screams teen comedy, and the moment of the huge title pop up makes me think of the opening scene of Airplane. Big wham for the title, scene outside the building with all the bustle and short gags going on around.

Now since I am a huge Airplane fan I thought that would put me in the mood for the film, but what actually happens is that it turns out to give more of a American Pie feel to it, and that set the wrong foot forward for me.

ArtSchoolConfidential.jpgThe film seems to be trying to be so many things. There are multiple threads running alongside each other that now and again cross back and forth but never really connect together to make one film. We have the serial killer movie, the satirical commentary on society film, the teen angst/romance film, thriller and dark comedy. Now I don't like labelling movies but here it's hard not to because the feel so separated.

If the film had concentrated on only a few of these themes then perhaps it would have worked better, for as it was it wasn't enough of either to work.

At no point did I feel that I was being pulled along by the story, it felt more as though I was plodding alongside the film, or even ahead of it. There wasn't enough to hold me to the film and I rather felt I was just watching the scenes play out.

There were some strong laughs to be had and some interesting and very correct reflections on life. Many of the comments on art were extremely relevant and were very amusing.

Perhaps the moment that sticks in my head the most is when Bardo is playing with his clay. Oh I almost had to look away from the screen at that point.

It did work in bits and pieces though, usually around the areas of humour and satirical commentary, but it didn't come together as a whole the tale and characters were very transparent and lacked originality about them and the tale lacked a destination.

Someone that does shine through all this is Jim Broadbent. He comes across superbly well as a washed out and quite mad artist. Some of his scenes are very funny and often slightly unnerving.

John Malkovich is entertaining, and there's just not enough of Anjelica Huston. She's a real movie star and just oozes charisma and control when she's on screen.

There are definitely moments in this film, both in scenes and performances, but there's just not enough, and with the many threads all fighting for attention it does lose its coherency and I begun to wonder what it was trying to say.

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