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Bush assassination drama to air

GeorgeBush.jpgChannel 4 in the UK are set to show a controversial drama in the guise of a documentary. Using CGI and archive footage it will show the assassination of President Bush in October 2007 at an anti-war rally by a sniper.

The film, Death of a President will air in October and the head of More4, the channel set to air the film, said the following according to Reuters:

"It's a pointed political examination of what the war on terror is doing to the American body politic,"...

...Promotional materials described the programme as "a thought-provoking critique of the contemporary U.S. political landscape."

It certainly sounds provocative, but it will be interesting to see which direction the programme takes after the assassination, whether it then looks at the effect on the US and the World, or perhaps the war itself.

Interestingly More4 are also to air a film called "The Trial of Tony Blair" which shows what may happen in the future once Blair resigns as Prime Minister. I'm guessing this suggests that he faces criminal trial for his actions.

What do you think, shock tactics or are there relevant discussions to be had about these programmes? Could they show a possible different present and future?



Well, let´s face it, being anti-Bush and anti-Blair is hip and fashion now. It depends on the wit of the post factum view if these shows are worth or not.

Would another president change tables? But, anyway, the 24 series has touched this issue quite well, quite umbeatable, I might say. Those who have seen seasons 4 and 5 and know about President Logan know what I am talking about.

I wonder if Bush will be regarded as another Richard Nixon... Maybe he will.


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