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Butler in love with Swank

GerardButler.jpgWatch women swoon when I mention the name Gerard Butler, and now watch as they scream out loud when I say that he is in love with Hilary Swank. Okay, I mean he's in a movie called P.S., I Love You alongside her.

I have to say that this looks a great move for Butler, starring next to this awesome actress (behave now Mr Butler) and also taking a break from his comic and fantasy laden career. The film has an interesting idea behind it, and already looks guaranteed to make people weep like mad. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

A young widow begins to find messages left from her late husband that are intended to push her to get over him and get on with her life. Is Butler going to be appearing in flashbacks then, or will he be the new love who will most likely appear by the end of the film?




I hate you Richard, you know us too well. ;)

I am raising my hands and saying proudly that yes, I am one of those in love with Gerry, so when I saw the title of your post, I was worried, but then I realised, you do not love celebrity gossip so I figured, nah Richard meant Gerry's in love with Swank in a new movie. I dont even know why I missed this, I regularly stalk Gerry, let me rephrase that, stalk the web for news about him.

Now that you have your own site maybe your first celebrity interview will happen with Mr Butler and soon? I am willing to go to Edinburgh to snap shots fof you two! ;D Ehr okay, us three. Oh no, I really meant me and Gerry.

Ach, I think he's too big now and that opportunity has passed me by, until Filmstalker is much bigger or he appears at the EIFF.

I was listening to Brian DePalma and John Hurt discuss The Flying Scotsman today, Mr DePalma seems a very jolly bloke, always laughing. Strange to think that considering his directing material.


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