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Casting: Tim Roth and William H. Macy

WilliamHMacy.jpgA couple of short bursts of casting news for you on Tim Roth, Naomi Watts, William H. Macy and Lisa Kudrow.

Roth is adding to his incredibly busy schedule by appearing alongside Watts in a film called Funny Game, where a man has to protect his family after two people invade their holiday home. Sounds quite formulaic, but the presence of these two suggests something more. From Variety through Coming Soon.

Macy is another equally busy actor, and he's set to join Kudrow in a romantic comedy with a difference. While taking the last shot of his career, Charlie Berns has one last crack at making that major film. While in Romania the star of the film is kidnapped and the director has an idea to salvage the film by shooting illegally. Now quite what that means is anyone's guess, but it certainly sounds better than your average romantic comedy, especially with Macy involved. From Production Weekly through Empire.



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