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Cherm (Midnight my Love)

Film Two Stars

Midnight My Love is a very romantic and quite tragic film, with some beautiful and very touching moments in it, but at the same time a film that needed the slightest injection of pace.

Sombati is a man whose life is extremely simple, and that's the way he like it. Going to the same restaurant, sleeping during the day, working during the night in a lonely taxi with next to no customers. He's content to earn just enough and to keep on living.

The slowly building relationship between Sombati and Nual has some lovely moments, and by far the best scenes of the film are between these two characters and is nurtured very well. The girl shows some very tender and touching moments between them through just a few glances and a smile, or even through an invite to dinner.

Sombati was very restrained and held back and had very few lines that were spoken out loud. He stuck with smiles and glances until the daydream sequences which were quite amusing. The character is always listening to oldies night time radio, and part of that are second rate soaps into which he imagines himself and his love.

Half way through the film some past events are shown which shed a different light on the story. From here the relationship is changed slightly and outside events begin to conspire against them.

One of these events is totally bizarre and you find yourself questioning where the film is going from here, but the story soon returns to the two lovers and a semblance of normality.

This is a good film with some lovely moments, but it is slightly affected by strange events, a lack of pace in parts and a bit more animation in the lead.

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