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EIFF Day Nine, Screenings Four

Another early start and a day of four films at the EIFF, with the final ending about 21:30. There's a continual feeling of tiredness that's just hanging around, and I'm yawning within a few minutes of getting up, but it is enjoyable, I'm seeing some great movies, and not so many bad ones.

I think this is Monday, yes, it is. That means that I'm over half way through and only three days behind at the moment. Saturday is the last day and only one film. Then there's an engagement/end of festival party to attend...while I'm here, a quick shout to Lee and the Fat Lady (his term) who are due to be induced this morning, well she is, not Lee. Good luck to them both and good thoughts out to them both. Keep up on his trials and tribulations as a Father in the making over at his blog.

Back on the EIFF, have a look at the EIFF 2006 Page to keep up to date with the reviews as the films are seen.



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