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De Particulier à Particulier (Hotel Harabati)

Film One Star

This film had quite a strange and disjointed feel to it, and I found it confused and full of unanswered questions.

It looks at the effect on a couple after they encounter a strange man in a railway station who leaves behind a bag full of cash and documents. The paranoia in the film grows out of their belief that the terrorism in the city is somehow connected to this money and the man.

Departiculieraparticulier.jpgSounds an interesting story, and one that could carefully examine this paranoia. However I left not really sure what it was trying to say or where I had just been taken. In fact it left me with more questions than conclusions.

From the opening we already see that this family is somewhat disfunctional. It's in the opening scenes and carried through the days when they first have the bag.

There's no connection, no sympathies to feel for them, and so when they start making irrational and totally against character decisions you find yourself becoming even more distanced from them.

This is compounded by the film showing that they care about nothing, even their family. Continually we see the mother pass them over and invest no time in life around her, and the husband just disappears to live with a complete stranger for a while. This behaviour is there at the outset too, it's not as if we see it growing and have some reference of caring to point back to in them.

Events that happen in the film are also quite disjointed. We see that they visit a flat and say "let's take it", then later we hear a phone call from the irate seller asking if they are following through after giving her the deposit, and then nothing. At the door we see a group of people and we can only summise that they are there to take over occupancy, and then nothing. These scenes are spread out and just disappear for us to hear no more of again.

We hear that there are bank issues and see that the credit cards are cancelled, but strangely the house has power, wireless internet and no one is trying to kick them out.

Right in the middle the man leaves without a word, as eventually does the woman, and quite frankly all I found myself thinking was "assholes".

Eventually there's some attempt at sense in all of this and the film works towards a bumpy resolution, it does recover itself, but it has already lost so much ground by this time. I just didn't care about the characters.

The attempts to show a slow descent to depression are mishandled and are more like sporadic diary entries than a film. This makes the story stilted and disconnected.

With overly long scenes, unsympathetic characters and a stumbling story, I just didn't enjoy it and found myself willing then to just hurry up.

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